Icon Transferable Skills

(12 Credit Hours)

MST 6010 Effective Communication (1)

Demonstrate presentation skills including: audience analysis, topic selection; effective introductions, conclusions, and delivery

MST 6012 Accounting and Finance (1)

Understand and contextualize the role modern accounting plays in any functional organization dealing with money

MST 6020 Leadership and Management (1)

Apply current leadership theories and practices to their roles as leaders

Understand the full range of organizational dynamics and their influence on leadership actions

MST 6021 Strategic Planning and Marketing (1)

Identify core concepts of marketing and the role of marketing in business and society

Develop marketing strategies based on product objectives

Communicate the unique marketing mixes and selling propositions for specific product offerings

MST 6022 Production and Operations Management (1)

Identify the four functions of operations management: planning, organizing, implementing and controlling

Understand the uses of technology in efficient inventory management and have an understanding of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and Material Resource Planning (MRP) systems

Understanding of the complications of change and know effective ways to introduce change in a system

MST 6023 Entrepreneurship and New Product Development (1)

Overview of the theories, tools, and practices related to entrepreneurship and new product development

MST 6500 Scientific Reasoning and Inquiry (3)

Focus on scientific reasoning, inquiry and problem-solving skills.

Topics covered include simple and theoretical induction, bayesianism, statistical and causal hypotheses, using scientific information in decision making, inference to the best explanation, science and the individual, and science and society.

3 credits of graduate coursework from the David Eccles School of Business or an approved elective