Example Programs of Study for the Computational Science focus area


MATH 5010 Introduction to Probability
MATH 5080 Statistical Inference I
MATH 5090 Statistical Inference II

Financial Math

MATH 5010 Introduction to Probability
MATH 5760 Introduction to Mathematical Finance I
MATH 5765 Introduction to Mathematical Finance II

Computational Math Biology

MATH 5010 Introduction to Probability
MATH 5110 (or 6770) Mathematical Biology I
MATH 5120 (or 6780) Mathematical Biology II


MATH 5040 Stochastic Processes and Simulation I
MATH 5050 Stochastic Processes and Simulation II
MATH 5075 Time Series Analysis
MATH 6010 Linear Models
MATH 6070 Mathematical Statistics
MATH 5410 Introduction to Ordinary Differential Equations
MATH 5440 Introduction to Partial Differential Equations
MATH 5470 Chaos and Nonlinear Systems
MATH 5500 Calculus of Variations with Applications
MATH 6640 (or 5750) Introduction to Optimization

MATH 5750 Special Topics

CS 6269 Programing for Engineers

Or an approved graduate-level course from the Department of Mathematics or the School of Computing