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2018 Alumni Outcomes Survey

A special “thank you” to our Alumni for participating in the survey.

PMST 2018 Alumni Outcomes Survey 

Perspectives and Testimonials

Through the Spring of 2017, 185 students have graduated from the PMST program with 20 new graduates during the 2016-2017 academic year. We welcome news and updates from our Alumni.

Jessica Mary Pechmann, MST Environmental Science 2017

Jessie graduated from the PMST Program’s Environmental Science track with an emphasis on GIS in 2017. Previously, Jessie completed her undergrad at Beloit College in 2009 with a major in Anthropology and minors in Environmental Studies and Museum Studies. While studying abroad as a college junior in Tanzania, she learned GIS for an independent research project and was hooked on geospatial technology. Jessie worked at the Automated Geographic Reference Center at the State of Utah from 2009 -2017 in various positions, the last being a GIS Project Manager.

 Why did you apply to the PMST program? Did the program meet your career goals and What was your favorite (or most meaningful) part of the PMST program?

I applied to the PMST program because I wanted to earn a master’s degree that would complement and enhance my academic and professional background. I had most recently spent 6 years working for the State of Utah’s Department of Technology Services in various roles that included responsibilities in GIS, management, and communication. I liked the diversity of my job, and when I was researching graduate programs I wanted an experience that would develop both my technical and business skills while allowing me to test out new topics.

I decided to go to graduate school to broaden my career experiences, as well as to open future opportunities, both of which the PMST program did. Through the various classes I took, and projects I completed, I was able to better identify what I want out of a career and also identify what resources and opportunities are possible moving forward with my career.

I have a lot of favorite parts of the PMST program, including many of my classes, but what stands out now is how much I enjoyed my cohort and the other people I met during my time at the University of Utah. PMST students are diverse in their backgrounds and interests, which allowed us to learn a lot from each other. Through a shared love of science and learning, we supported each other through the program.

What advice would you give to people thinking about graduate school?

I would advise new students to be proactive to make the most out of graduate school. There is a lot going on at the University of Utah including seminars and other activities that I would encourage anyone to participate in. For example, I would recommend researching available graduate certificates to complement a PMST degree. I completed a Graduate Certificate of Sustainability while also doing the PMST program. The certificate helped me experience more of campus by meeting new people, and allowing me to focus my studies on sustainability. It also opened opportunities for my final project/PMST professional experience.

Jeremy Bennett, MST Biotechnology 2012

Jeremy graduated from the PMST Program’s Biotechnology track in 2012. He is currently the Director of Marketing, Brand Development, and Customer Engagement at Myriad Genetic Laboratories, Inc. In addition to serving on the PMST program’s External Advisory Committee, Jeremy is on the Partnership Steering Committee for TEDxSaltLake City.

As a biotech professional and PMST Alumni, what are your views on the program?

The University of Utah’s PMST program has been a leadership producing engine for biotechnology institutions across the Wasatch Front. The combination of business and scientific acumen is a scarce and highly desired asset in today’s fast-moving, outcomes oriented biotech world. Companies like and Myriad Genetics rely on smart individuals that understand both business and science to lead to profitable and lifesaving outcomes.  The PMST programs shapes future leaders to fill this role!