Prospective Students


“Concerns about academic job prospects, the 8-9 year average time now used to acquire a doctoral degree in the sciences, and the suitability of present graduate training for non-academic jobs all converge on the idea that graduate schools of arts and sciences might consider a ‘different’ kind of graduate degree.”

Alfred P. Sloan Foundation

If you are a graduating senior majoring in science, mathematics, or engineering, OR a working professional considering pursuing a graduate degree AND you are looking for a professional program that combines graduate studies in science and mathematics with skills from other professional areas, such as communication, business, and management, then the PMST program may be for you.

Program Objectives

The purpose of the PMST program is to provide students with training in science and mathematics to become future leaders and decision-makers within business, industry, and/or government sectors. To achieve this goal, we supplement graduate studies in science and mathematics with courses in business, management, data analysis, and reasoning. We also enable students to get on-the-job experience in an internship.

The degree is offered through the College of Science and the College of Mines and Earth Sciences and the program is administered through the Graduate School. The PMST Executive Committee consists of representatives from four academic departments and the PMST Program Director.