Computational Science Track



The Computational Science Track is offered through the College of Science

A wide variety of businesses and industries need people with expertise in mathematical modeling. Once a problem has been formulated mathematically, a diverse collection of mathematical and computational techniques can be applied to solve it. Frequently, visualization of computational or experimental results can substantially aid in their interpretation and in the final solution of a problem.

Students in the Computational Science Track will learn:

  • mathematical modeling to help translate a scientific or engineering problems into precise mathematical statements
  • numerical methods for solving these mathematical problems
  • visualization to display computational or experimental results in a way that can substantially aid in their interpretation

The logic developed in mathematical training can empower individuals to become problem-solvers in many different disciplines. In addition to courses in Transferable Skills (9 credits), Advanced Quantitative Skills (9 credits), and an Internship (3 credits), students must take one pair of classes from the core courses and may select their remaining courses from the list of electives, for a total of 15 credits.

Core Courses
Set Number Description
1 MATH 5610 Introduction to Numerical Analysis I
1 MATH 5620 Introduction to Numerical Analysis II
2 MATH 6610 Analysis of Numerical Methods I
2 MATH 6620 Analysis of Numerical Methods II
3 CS 6210 Advanced Scientific Computing I
3 CS 6220 Advanced Scientific Computing II
4 MATH 5710 Introduction to Applied Mathematics I
4 MATH 5720 Introduction to Applied Mathematics II
CS 5600 Introduction to Computer Graphics
CS 6610 Interactive Computer Graphics
CS 6620 Advanced Computer Graphics II: Ray Tracing
CS 6630 Scientific Visualization
Parallel Computing
CS 6230 High Performance Computing and Parallelization
CS 6810 Computer Architecture
Integrated Math Simulations
MATH 5040 Stochastic Processes and Simulation I
MATH 5050 Stochastic Processes and Simulation II
MATH 5600* Survey of Numerical Analysis
MATH 5750 Topics in Applied Mathematics
MATH 6010 Linear Models
MATH 6070 Mathematical Statistics
MATH 6790 Case Studies in CES
CS 7940 Seminar

* Note: Survey of Numerical Analysis (MATH 5600) cannot be combined with the core sets MATH 5610/20 or MATH 6610/20