Biotechnology Track


Biotechnology is a rapidly expanding field with career opportunities in diverse settings including start-up companies, established industries, government agencies, various healthcare and environmental entities, law firms, and non-profit organizations. Biological and biochemical research, discoveries, and inventions have become fundamental to many parts of our lives. As a consequence, biotechnology has great importance in healthcare, food and agriculture, consumer products, policy development, and environmental issues, including emerging bioenergy developments. An understanding of the biochemical, genetic, and molecular aspects of biotechnology is paramount in guiding the future of the industry. The Biotechnology Track offers an interdisciplinary approach that combines vital training in graduate science coursework with the fundamentals of management, business, and communication to optimally position graduates for leadership positions in biotechnology-related careers.

The Biotechnology Track of the PMST program is offered through the College of Science. This track primarily focuses on the molecular, genetic, and biochemical aspects of biotechnology. Hence, in addition to courses in Transferable Skills (9 credits), Advanced Quantitative Skills (8 or 9 credits), and an Internship (3 credits), students must take the following two core courses within the Biotechnology Track as well as 11 or 12 additional credits from the list of electives for a total of 15 or 16 credits, depending on the Advanced Quantitative Skills course selected from the six options available to Biotechnology Track students.

Please contact the Biotechnology Track Director, Dr. Jennifer Shumaker-Parry, if you have any questions about the Biotechnology Track. Her email address is:

Molecular Biotechnology Core Courses
Number Description
CHEM 6740 Bioanalytical Chemistry
MBIOL 6410 Protein and Nucleic Acid Biochemistry
BIO C 6600 Regulation of Metabolism
BIO C 6420 Advanced Biochemistry
BIOL 5210 Cell Structure and Function
BLCHM 6400 Genetic Engineering
BLCHM 6460/CHEM 7460 Protein Chemistry
CHEM 6810 Nanoscience
CHEM 7150 Bioinorganic Chemistry
CHEM 7470 Nucleic Acid Chemistry
CHEM 7700 Chemical Separations and Measurements
CHEM 7710 Analytical and Chemical Measurements
CHEM 7770 Analytical Spectroscopy and Optics
CHEM 7790 Lab on a Chip
CHEM 7430 Chemical Biology of Proteins and Nucleic Acids
CHEM 7450 / BLCHM 6450 Biophysical Chemistry
H GEN 7380/PATH 7380 Biochemical Genetics
H GEN 6500 Human Genetics
MBIOL 6440 Gene Expression
MBIOL 6480 Cell Biology
ONCSC 6500 Clinical and Molecular Cancer Biology
PATH 5030/BIOL 5030 Basic Immunology
PATH 6900 Techniques of Biochemical Analysis in Laboratory Medicine
PATH 5535 Principles and Applications in Molecular Diagnostics
PHCEU 7030 Macromolecular Therapeutics and Drug Delivery