Professional Master of Science and Technology


The Professional Master of Science and Technology (PMST) Program is a professional, non-thesis, interdisciplinary Professional Science Masters (PSM) program that combines graduate studies in science and mathematics with skills from other professional domains, such as business, communication, and management.

Offered through The Graduate School at the University of Utah, the PMST Program is part of a national trend to offer a more practical graduate degree in science that prepares people for employment outside of academia.

We offer four science tracks: Biotechnology, Computational ScienceEnvironmental Science and Science Instrumentation.


  • A professional degree in science
  • A degree with more science than other professional degree programs
  • A degree with more leadership and management training than traditional graduate degrees in science
  • Practical, hands-on training and experience

PMST Program Statistics

PMST Program Current Students: 53
PMST Program Graduates: 146

as of January 26, 2015